Mārtiņa Krūzes aicinājums

Martins Kruze aicina uz Ghetto Games Festival iekš Ventspils 30. Jūlijā, un tieši Ventspilniekus uz savas pilsētas goda aizstāvēšanu Latvijas Spēcīgākās pilsētas Ventspils posmā!

Posted by Latvijas Pauerliftinga federācija on ceturtdiena, 2016. gada 21. jūlijs

On July 30 it will be Ventspils turn to defend it's honor as one of the strongest cities in Latvia! Everyone (and especially the locals) should participate in order to win this title for the city! The task is simple - men bench press 50kg (110 lbs) for their max reps. Women and children - 20kg. This is a challenge everyone can face and each participant will be awarded with a prize for their contribution towards the common goal. Last year Ventspils achieved 187 tons lifted in total reps - let's beat it this time!