In 2012 the very first Ghetto Games festival in Ventspils was held. It all started out with bringing together the local action sports and urban culture scene for a weekend of celebrating their lifestyle. The very first GGFEST gathered the best local athletes along with a few of Europe's top inline skaters and BMX riders. Fast forward a few years in the future and by 2015 GGFEST had established itself as one of the largest street sports festivals in all of Europe.

How does all this relate to Ventspils? Simple - Ventspils is a coastal town with great history in action sports. The first ever professionally (to standards of the mid-2000's) built skatepark in Latvia is located in Ventspils. It was initially built in year 2000 and to this day is a meeting point for riders and skaters from all over the world. The Ventspils outdoor skatepark has plenty of history and tradition. A similair story can be told about the wakeboarding park and BMX dirt course located by the family friendly Ventspils Adventure Park.

Ventspils is a place where the action sports culture has been appreciated for almost two decades and to some extent it is because of partnering up with Ghetto Games back in the day. 

We annually bring together an estimate of 1500 participants from more than 25 different countries, encompassing up to 20 various sports and cultural activities in a single weekend.

To summarize it, GGFEST is a youth culture and action sports festival that annually brings together the world's most notable action sports athletes to the hospitable city of Ventspils. May it be BMX freestyle, Inline skating, wakeboarding or any other activity featured, we bring together the best up-and-comers with living legends of each noted sport, as well as several thousands of spectators that are there for the amazing experience. It's a celebration of action sports during which the world's best athletes meet the local talent and fans, whose dream is to become as good at what they do as their idols.